Are you ready to get started?! Once you’ve determined that you are ready to purchase a home, there are few things as exciting as searching for just the right property to call your own.

Remember, shopping for a home is a process that, whenever possible, should not be rushed. Make sure that you perform adequate research on the area, neighborhoods and the homes available on the market before you buy. You should do your best to look carefully and, whenever possible, try not to let your emotions make your final decision.

When searching for a home, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with information and to forget the details of each particular home you’ve viewed – that’s why I’ve created this list to help you keep track of all the information you need to help you in this important decision.

  1. Is there enough room for both the present and the future?
  2. Are there enough bedrooms and bathrooms?
  3. Is the house structurally sound?
  4. Do the mechanical systems and appliances work?
  5. Is the yard big enough?
  6. Do you like the floor plan?
  7. Will my furniture fit in the space? Is there enough storage space? (Bring a tape measure to better answer these questions.)
  8. Does anything need to repaired or replaced? Will the seller repair or replace the items?
  9. Imagine the house in good weather and bad, and in each season. Will you be happy with it year ’round
  10. Take your time and think carefully about each house you see. Ask your agent to point out the pros and cons of each home from a professional standpoint.
  11. There isn’t a set number of houses you should see before you decide. Just be sure to communicate often with your agent about everything you’re looking for. It will help focus the search.
  12. Take detailed notes, take pictures, and make a video – anything to help you remember as much as you can. (Be sure to first secure the permission of the owner before photographing or taking video, though.)
  13. If the owner or the owner’s agent is present during your viewing of the home, don’t say too much about your likes or dislikes.
  14. Which items require ongoing maintenance (paint, roof, heating and air conditioning systems, appliances, carpet)?
  15. What about the neighborhood and the quality of life it affords?
  16. Does the home’s style, features and amenities conform to the neighborhood?
  17. Are there any potential problems with the home’s electrical or mechanical systems?
  18. Does the home appear to have any structural problems?
  19. Does the home appear to have any drainage or foundation problems?